Advocacy and Education

The primary mission of the Colorado Seaplane Initiative is Advocacy and Education. We are the voice of the Colorado Seaplane Community, to represent the interests of seaplane enthusiasts on the federal, state, and local levels and to educate all age groups on the science and art of aviation. 

Our mission includes ensuring fair and equal access for ALL water users.  We advocate and promote the sharing of public waterways with the understanding that denial of freedom for one, endangers the freedoms of all!

We look at the seaplane access issue in Colorado as symbolic of the erosion of navigational freedoms across all transportation modes.  From the denial of nautical access dictated by state and federal agencies to the virtually unlimited and unchecked expansion of Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) that deny aeronautical access to ever-increasing volumes of airspace.  These governmental actions fly in the face of the intent of our founders.  It is the function of government to assist its citizens by protecting our liberties, not by unreasonably limiting or denying them.

The imposition of prohibitions is the government’s way of saying, “We simply do not want to deal with this.”  In this country, the government is the tool of its citizenry.  If citizens demand that its government act, then it does not have the right to refuse.  That is exactly what has happened here in Colorado…both the state and federal governments have imposed prohibitions.  In other words, they have refused to perform their duties.

In bringing Advocacy and Education to bear, we expose the fallacies and reinforce the facts.