Colorado’s First Ever Seaplane Splash-In

Lake Meredith

We had a wonderful and historic time at Lake Meredith on June 18th.

There were ~500 attendees and 4 seaplanes.  We established a permanent seaplane base and created an airmark at the site.  We have proven our concept of operations by establishing an inspection process that was recognized by a sitting State Senator.  Everything we accomplished was a Colorado “First”.

This success demonstrates that the general public of Colorado will embrace seaplanes, even if Colorado Parks and Wildlife will not.  This is just the encouragement needed to move the immovable.  Each of you shares in this success.  Yes, we are moving forward.  Senator Crowder will be helping us develop a new round of legislation to permanently remove Colorado Parks and Wildlife strangles hold.  The Lake Meredith Company and Crowley County are working on new agreements that will remove the “indemnity” requirement and we will convert the Tamarack Beach Seaplane Base into a public use facility; the First Public User Seaplane Base in Colorado!  As more Colorado residents become aware that seaplanes are bringing new and exciting activities closer and as seaplanes demonstrate that they are fully compatible with all other water uses, we will see a steadily expanding ring of accessible water.  This has already begun and it is because of you!

I had a lot of help putting this event together, there are far too many for me to thank each one personally.  Be assured your contributions are not unnoticed.

Anyone that has pictures of the event please send them to me.

Please join or renew membership with the Seaplane Pilots Association and the Colorado Pilots Association.  These organizations have been fighting for our rights as pilots, aviators, aircraft owners, aviation enthusiasts, passengers, in other words; All General Aviation.   The small membership fees go a long way to enable these organizations to continue the fight; but, more importantly, by becoming a member these organizations can go to our legislators with hard numbers; numbers that show that Coloradans support the aviation industry, economic growth, and seaplanes.  It is easy to ignore one person; but, the government cannot ignore thousands.