Lake Meredith

Nestled in the serene landscape of southeastern Colorado, Lake Meredith offers a haven for aviation and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

On its picturesque north shore lies a seaplane base and county park, equipped with amenities including restrooms and a 22-foot-wide boat ramp, making it a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. The base is conveniently airmarked with the anchor symbol for easy identification.

Located at coordinates N 38° 12′ 37″ W 103° 41′ 32″ and at an elevation of 4,254 feet, this expansive reservoir spans approximately 3,700 acres with an average depth of six feet, providing ample space for various water activities. While there are no landing fees, visitors are required to sign a waiver of liability.


Lake Meredith

The lake is particularly inviting outside of the wildlife season, which runs from November 1 to March 1. Pilots should perform a self-inspection at the nearest land airport before arriving, as the lake currently has no aquatic nuisance species (ANS).

The contact for all inquiries is Mr. Bruce Hughes of The Lake Meredith Co. at 719-267-4411.

CAUTION: Due to the lake’s role in irrigation this can lead to significant fluctuations in water levels; always check the density altitude before planning your visit.